The Dividat Senso software is split into a user and management environment. Dividat Manager is the management environment. In Manager, you can register users and see results. Dividat Play is the user environment.

You can access the software of Dividat Manager from any computer by installing the Chrome browser. Other browsers often work, but are not supported by Dividat.

For more information about installing Chrome, visit the following website:


Launch the Chrome browser and open the following page to get to the login screen. After you have accessed the page, you can log into the system using the login data provided by Dividat.

Login senso

Person registration

The Dividat software is designed so that the training is personal. In Dividat Manager, you can register users for the training on the Senso. The following pictures show you how to register users.

After the user has been registered, it does not automatically appear on the Dividat Play computer. You must reload the page first. You can reload the page with the following key combination: ALT + F4

Person registration senso

Enter information senso

Game settings

In Dividat Manager, there are various settings that allow you to tailor a training session to the users needs. You can determine which games appear for a user (1). You can change the settings of each game (2). And you can decide if the games are freely selectable or will be started sequentially (3). \

To get to the settings, first select a person and click on Training. When a user first signs up, all available games appear automatically.

If Dividat publishes a new game after the registration of a user, the game does not automatically appear. You have to add the new game manually.

Training settings senso

Adding a game senso

You have two different modes for running the games. In free mode, the games can be selected in any order. In sequential mode, the games are automatically executed.

Select a game senso

You can also change settings for each game or delete games for the user. In the settings you can determine how long the game should last and how the intensity of the directions should be to the step movements.